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Our team of experts work on a robust technology to streamline and simplify your housing process. Understanding your attendee’s needs is the first step. Our endeavor is to go out of our way in spending time and effort in getting to know your attendees and understanding their booking behaviors. With the hassle free booking process and an array of customized services, we offer your attendees an experience they won't forget in a long time.

  • Online group reservations system
  • Customized event booking site
  • Room blocks & attendee management
  • Proactive attrition management
  • Track comp rooms & concessions
  • Integrated registration and housing
  • Room rate integrity monitoring
  • Increase event attendance
  • Maximizing your block of rooms
  • Increase attendee satisfaction
  • Personalized exhibitor & sub-block management
  • Minimize turn-around-time for booking
  • Minimize your staff workload
  • Reduce attrition exposure